I recently purchased TCP/IP Illustrated, Vol 1: The Protocols (Highly suggest picking this up, it’s extremely insightful, and I hope to learn a LOT more about TCP in the near future) and have been diving into networking as a whole a lot more; one such piece of text I read was on the Windows ‘nslookup’ tool I hadn’t previously known much about.

Normally to find the IP address for an A record, you could enter ‘nslookup google.com’ which would return the A record for that FQDN. Here’s where the cool bit comes in. You can actually use nslookup like the Linux ‘dig’ function by using the ‘set type=x‘ option from within nslookup

nslookup Default Server: google-public-dns-a.google.com Address:
> set type=a
> tsbates.com
Server: google-public-dns-a.google.com
Non-authoritative answer:
Name: tsbates.com

Nslookup can be used to lookup any DNS record type. Just some food for thought.

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Timothy started his networking career in 2014, working for one of the largest telecommunication operators in Australia. He has a passion for networking and cyber security. When he's not working, he's obsessing over German Shepherd Dogs.