Below is a sort of ‘cheat sheet’ on CCP in relation to the paths to take to get to certain areas. This is a must-know for the 640-554 exam.

Enabling NAT:
Configure -> Router -> NAT
Verifying Current Access Lists
Configure -> Router -> ACL -> ACL Summary
Creating an access list
Configure -> Router -> ACL -> ACL Editor -> Add
To create a local user in CCP:
Configure -> Router -> Remote Access -> User Accounts/view -> Add
To create a method list in CCP:
Configure -> Router -> AAA -> Administration Policies -> Login
Configuring Zone Based Firewall  (ZBF)
Configure -> Security -> Firewall -> Firewall Wizard
Verifying the ZBF
Configure -> Firewall -> Firewall -> Edit Firewall Policy
Monitor -> Security -> Firewall



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