I recently had my Uncle, a pack a day smoker pass away. At the funeral his friend spoke and talked about his mining uniform. The man speaking described an object on this mining uniform in an ascending movement from his boots to his helmet, and then linked a story or value to each item.  One particular sentence stood out for me more than the rest.

..and around his belt was a small life canister. The life canister is a small device which provides just enough oxygen in the event of a Mine collapse. It’s a bit ironic that he was grabbing the wrong item from his belt each half hour.

I feel there is more to say here, but I’ll just say this. Rest in peace, Uncle John.

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Timothy started his networking career in 2014, working for one of the largest telecommunication operators in Australia. He has a passion for networking and cyber security. When he's not working, he's obsessing over German Shepherd Dogs.