I’ve been thinking about where I wanted to direct my focus within the networking industry of late.


I’ve always been interested in security and privacy, so studying the Cisco Security pathway¬†made sense.

Working in a NOC type environment has a use for security, but it doesn’t come up all that much past access lists, securing the router, VPN’s and locking down various other protocols. What does come up in a frequent manner is routing and troubleshooting routing/switching, which I’ve often found myself looking for assistance from higher knowledgeable colleagues. I’m the kind of person who is shown how to troubleshoot/fix an issue once, and can do it after without an issue.

I feel my security knowledge is sufficient for the industry at this stage, and having already gained my Cisco CCNA R&S, I’ve decided to go for my CCNP R&S, likely starting with Switch, Route and then T-Shoot. I’ll be aquring my CCNA (S) by the first half this year, and then moving onto Switch.

Watch this space as I update my study progress


About The Author

Timothy started his networking career in 2014, working for one of the largest telecommunication operators in Australia. He has a passion for networking and cyber security. When he's not working, he's obsessing over German Shepherd Dogs.