I’ve done a few trips on my motorbike, but haven’t really had a list of things to bring. They say piss poor planning leads to piss poor performance, so I’ve made a list of items below.


Board Shorts Thermal Gloves
Motorcycle Gloves Thongs
Motorcycle Helmet Towel
Motorcycle Jacket x2 pants
Motorcycle Pants x3 shirts
Rain Jacket x5 socks
Shoes x5 underwear
AAA batteries
Rok Straps
Air mattress Shaver
Baby wipes Shaving cream
Battery pack Sleeping bag
Chair Small garbage bags
Dirty laundry bags Spare keys
DSLR?? Sunglasses
Ear plugs Safety Glasses
Tent w/poles
and stakes
Headlamp Toilet paper
Helmet lock Tooth brush
Laptop Tooth paste
Lighter Torch
Multi-tool Useful addresses
and phone numbers
Phone Wallet
Phone charger
x5 meals
Coffee (v. important) Jet boil
Cuttlery Longlife milk
First aid kit Suncream
Insect repelent x10 1L zip lock bags
Cereal Pegs
Cable ties
Chain lube
Duct tape
Front Tire Info – Make, model and size.
Rear Tire Info – Make, model and size.
Owners manual
Tire patch kit w/C02

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